integration solutions for third party resouces

Need to map data from your database to a third party?

We have an online solution

Data integration is one of the most costly and unproductive tasks we ask our IT departments to undertake.

Countless emails and phone calls from you to your vendor for a one-off data import or export leaves both sides frustrated because we all know that IT doesn't have any interest in actually talking with someone.

Imagine allowing a vendor to log onto your white labeled website, allowing them to pick the fields they require for the download, selecting the method in which they would like to receive that download, and then scheduling it. Seem impossible?

It Isn't - Our web-based system allows all of this and more.

  • Data mapping tool - visually representation of your data online.
  • Foreign key relationship manager - allows you to get to the sub tables meta data.
  • Data table results - eliminated the call to IT for a listing based on critiera, define it yourself and go.

If you and your company would like to jump into the 22nd century and actually utilize one of your greatest assets, give us a call at 913.826.6888.

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